Sunday, August 9, 2009

Intuitive Awareness

Qualifying Yourself in Intuitive Awareness

What is life to you? Life is Living. Do you know anything more than that? Do you live life simply to continue living? If you do then you force your habits around continuing living. If life is only about living, I must protect myself to keep living, I must get a comfortable house and car to keep living, and I must get a competitive job so i can continue living. Do you qualify to live?

You can't become human if you do not qualify yourself for living. Have you ever asked yourself this question?

How am I going to qualify myself today?

Ask yourself this question at the start of every day and you will start to find something to live for. You need to be for you, and you need to come through for yourself.

When you start to qualify your thoughts, you have a meditative mind. If you don't qualify your thoughts, you disqualify yourself to be human. As humans, we are born from the light. When we realize that we are light, we will become enlightened. Without conscious communication and intuitive awareness we can't know what we are saying. Say I. Say I, I, I. When you say I once you address yourself. I, I, I is a response to pain. When you say it you confuse your body and it looks for the pain, but there is none in the first place. This is just an example of how we trick our bodies with what we say.

You talk your misfortune yourself. You do not understand yourself, so you cause your misfortune out of you own mistake. You must qualify yourself as HUMAN. Until you do this, you are not you. You are simply pretending you be you, pretending to be human. Every lie you make to prove you are is making you less human. You will start feeling who you are when you qualify everything for yourself.


Those who know, say not

Those who say, know not

Do you qualify to eat at a restaurant? In America, one third of the food is always left uneaten on the plate and 20% of orders are always wrong. When you are qualified you are exact and precise. Then specialization and exactness comes out of you. Then comes wisdom. The moment you start being you, your problems start leaving you.

Saint – accept the will of creator

If there is no challenge in your life you have no life. We as humans are meant to be challenged.

This is the Kriya that accompanied the lecture.

Sit in an easy, cross-legged position. Make sure you have a straight back, chest out, chin tucked slightly down and in towards your chest. Sit like a good tall yogi. Take your right hand palm facing up. Bend your right elbow and tuck your elbow in towards your ribs. Right hand should be directed straight ahead of you about the height of your heart center. Cup your right hand slightly, it should not be flat. Take your left hand palm facing up and place the pinky side against your chest on your heart center. Apply some light pressure on your diaphragm with your left hand. When you have achieved this pose close your eyes and THOUGHTLESSLY meditate for 11 minutes. During this time we listened to the Guru Ram Das Chant. Breath should be the one minute breath. Which is 20 second inhale, 20 second hold, 20 second exhale, repeat. When 11 minutes is finished, inhale deeply and hold. While holding, press with great pressure on your diaphragm with the side of your left hand, and flex every other muscle in your body. Bring your focus of energy on the point of contact between your diaphram and your hand. Hold for 10 seconds and exhale. Repeat twice more, and relax.

"When you come to a thoughtless state, then the master mind and master thought starts serving you. Then man becomes God, and God becomes servant."

-Yogi Bhajan

These notes are based on a lecture given by Yogi Bhajan titled Qualifying Yourself in Intuitive Awareness in Los Angeles, CA on April 20, 1995. The video is Conscious Communication Part A Disk 2, and can be found on the KRI website.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Intuitive Communication

Conscious Communication

Do you speak intuitively, emotionally, or personally?

Most people have never asked themselves this question.

Feelings are from nature, and as humans we need to rise above animal instincts. When you speak from your carnal/animal nature you will incur karma, and you shall pay for it later.

As a human, you have nothing except for your WORD, and your Word is God. So, we need to keep our words pure and connected. Speak Truth. We must be conscious of every word we speak, or not speak at all.

There are 3 languages: body language, spoken language, and the language of being.

When you use the language of being you don’t speak. As light beings, we are able to communicate on a level beyond spoken language and body language. If you cannot express yourself intuitively then you will not accurately convey what you are trying to convey to another person. There will be disconnects between people.


If you try to pollute someone you pollute yourself => subconsciously!

What you hear effects your BODY,

What you speak affects your BEING!

So, whenever you say something negative to someone else, it will make them feel negative consciously, but it will make you feel negative subconsciously. Just remember whatever goes around comes around. That is Karma. Treat others as you would like to be treated because they are you. If you lie or mislead someone else, remember that you are in actuality doing it to yourself.

Every negative word spoken by you


If you are overwhelmed and do not clear your conscious mind, it will dump the excess into your subconscious mind. This will lead to nightmares. At age 27 (9 x 3) all men and women have a

series of nightmares, at age 54 if you haven't fixed the problem you will never lose the nightmares. You will have recurring dreams for the rest of your life. The way to clear your conscious and subconscious is through meditation and mantra. The tongue has 84 meridians to touch, and all of these meridians have an effect on your body at a cellular level. That is why mantra is so important. The way to clear your conscious and subconscious mind is through mantra. This is why mantra is a major tool of Kundalini Yoga.

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they accept food. Some people pray after receiving food, and others thank the giver of the food. Then some just eat with no prayer or thanks. Whenever you receive anything it is better to receive it humbly. If you give thanks for everything you receive you will be blessed with abundance. Here is a way to humbly ask for food,

This is a good way to ask for things that you desire. It will keep you thankful and blessed for all the gifts you receive in this life.

When it comes to talking to people you must understand that people hear 20% of what you say, so repeat key phrases. Also, ask direct questions to focus them. If someone's mind is wandering while you are speaking to them, they will not remember what you are saying. Direct questions focuses them.

To vibrate from the chest is to send a vibration from your soul to the infinite universe. This will project from your chest in the form of prosperity(you will find in life what your soul desires.) Inside the chest cavity is the universe. When you feel these 6 sounds resonate inside your chest you can feel/connect with/control the universe.

Every word you speak must be Effective, Creative, and well understood. This is applied consciousness. Speak consciously and apply it to your actions. First comes conscious speech, then comes conscious action. Become aware and tuned into your higher self, and you will start to develop a higher awareness in your life.

People disguise their smell with perfume and cologne. Smell is human connection, it is the strongest sense between humans. Everyone has a unique and beautiful smell. Why disguise it with perfume/cologne? To hide your smell is to hide yourself from others, to lie, and to lack a true connection. You must always shine in truth and show yourself for what you are without any disguise.

This video was accompanied by this kriya.

To begin, sit in a comfortable, cross-legged position and curl your fingers in on both hands. Then, connect your hands together at the finger nails. You want the front of your finger nails on the left hand to be touching the front finger nails of your right hand. Keep them together and place them against your heart center (directly on your sternum/breastbone parallel with your nipples.) Keep your fingers together and raise your thumbs up. Eye focus on the nose. From here, start chanting Har about once every second, and feel the vibration in your chest cavity. Har should be pronounced with a strong breath, and the tongue should bounce of the teeth making a Hud-uh type sound. Keep this up for 7 minutes. Continue to whisper Har for 3 minutes. Then, chant Har silently for 1 minute. Close by taking a deep inhale and reaching the arms up at a 60 degree angle and separate the fingers. Stretch the fingers as high in the sky as you can for 5 seconds and exhale strongly. Inhale again deeply and hold the hands over the heart center for 5 seconds, exhale strongly. To close, bring the elbows into the sides of your ribs and clench your fists straight out ahead of you. Hold this for 10 seconds while flexing and exhale strongly. Relax.

I recommend musical accompaniment of Tantric Har by Simran Kaur Khalsa. For all your CD needs I recommend Spirit Voyage, you can even listen to a clip of the song there to get a feel for the rhythm and pronunciation.

These notes are based on the DVD Conscious Communication Part A Disk 1.